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We are making the science work for you!
The National Racing Pigeon DNA Registration program is a program designed to bring further integrity and accuracy to the great sport of pigeon racing.
A straight $20.00 posting fee is charged to the seller upon submission of your ad. Your ad will run for 45 days. There are no other charges. See our Policies for more information on fees.
All sales are between the seller and the buyer.
This is the only DNA registry dedicated strictly to racing pigeons. Interest and participation are growing rapidly. “Trust but verify” should be your objective when purchasing birds for your breeding program. Buyers and sellers are in direct contact with one another, building relationships and establishing credibility.All birds advertised as proven on this site must be accompanied by diplomas and/or race results sheets. A simple process for downloading diplomas and race sheets has been provided for sellers. We do not tolerate false or misleading advertising.


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About Us
The Select Pigeon concept was developed as the result of 40 plus years spent competing with racing pigeons and conferring with other long-term and successful fanciers who feel like I do. That is, buying racing pigeons through an auction-type web site is one of the worst ways to purchase a potential champion or a breeder of champions. When you take into consideration the very small number of high quality birds that are offered each year, the reasons that these birds are for sale in the first place, and the highly competitive and restrictive format that these birds are made available, the potential buyer is at a major disadvantage. When a seller offers racing pigeons for sale, he or she has a variety of motives in offering their birds. Often sellers are forced to reduce numbers and the birds that they are offering, in their minds, are too valuable to cull. In some cases they are correct, as one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

More often than not, the very best birds, that is the top 10-20% bred each year, will never be available. Some sellers are motivated to recoup the costs of their investments. A single pair of birds can breed many youngsters each year, and in short order, the initial cost of the original pair is paid off provided there is a demand for that blood. That is the trend that seems to be being followed today. Someone will score in a major one- loft race with a particular line from a fancier, usually from Europe, and the rush is on! Everyone and their brother need this line to improve their own results. I have seen this recurring trend play out almost every single year. It is human nature to be competitive and to want the best. Very often the people who are doing the advertising are not telling the whole story. They are promoting the sexiest and most appealing aspect of the successful bird’s pedigree, but the whole picture is not being shared. All animals have two parents and four grandparents. These birds in the pedigree are by far more important than any distant famous relative. There is a type of seller that genuinely wants to impress other fanciers with the quality of their birds and takes great pride in selling excellent birds to people. These fanciers are often at or near the top of the results themselves and frequently contribute to the success of others. This type of fancier is very committed to all aspects of pigeon racing. The breeding of excellent birds is not an accident but a habit; a habit born of attention to detail, proper selection and testing, and excellent care of their birds all year round. These are the fanciers this site was developed to advertise for. These are the fanciers who care more about results than pedigrees. These are fanciers with integrity. These are the type of fanciers you should be buying from.

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